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date in the format mm/dd/yy Euro Date Validates field data as a European date in the format dd/mm/yyyy. five-digit or nine-digit ZIP code in the format XXXXX, xxxxx – XXXX, or XXXX.

When using Cold Fusion text fields (CFINPUT or CFTEXTINPUT), you can implement client- side validation of the data’s format in the fields. This attribute takes one of the following values: Date Validates field dat:l as a U.s.As an example, consider the Phone field in your form.If you extend your specification to require a full U.In Flash format, uses Flash built-in validation routines.In HTML or XML format, the validation logic is identical to on Blur validation, but the test is not done until the user submits the form.For detailed information on using masks, see Handling invalid data.In HTML and XML format, Cold Fusion generates Java Script that runs on the browser to check whether entered data is valid and provide immediate feedback, if the entry is invalid.Similarly, the [ava Script-based client-side validation you did requires no use of Cold Fusion.However, Coldfusion provides its own mechanisms for validating form data in Fusion-based forms built out of the CFFORMtag.For more information on using the cfparam tag for validation, see, Validating data with the Is Valid function and the cfparam tag.Cold Fusion checks the argument value when it is passed to the function.

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