Thai woman dating marriage

Often the signs are clearly racial even clubs get in on the act letting some foreigners (Asians) in free and white or black people have to pay.Karaoke Scams These scams can happen at any type of karaoke or gentleman's clubs in Thailand there are many variations but the most profitable is to bring in drinks you didn't order or have girls take a sip of one drink then have the server order another immediately.Typically he will hit you up for a bunch of money by taking you to a safe location for him where he can try get some money out of you before you go to the station, it'll be a lot of money and you're so happy to pay.I know of a certain popular expat this had happened to and he paid 30,000 baht to get out of it.Because Thai people are great at fooling you, even making you believe it was your fault you got scammed, people here can be devious.You might even think that it's only Thai's that are scamming you too but don't be fooled.Don't get stung by this and go to the damn bus station!

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Tuk Tuk Drug Scam A scam that could end you up in jail maybe even dead is the dreaded Tuk Tuk Drug Scam.If you've lived in Thailand long enough 99.9% chance that you have been scammed.You may not even realize or know that you've been scammed either.This kind of scam isn't as common as most but does certainly happen.Actually the only time you ever really hear about this kind of scam happening is when something goes terribly wrong and someone dies like this poor fellow.The girls who i've known to do this over and over again are beer bar girls in their later twenties early thirties and speak English fairly well.They will fuck you and do make you feel like a god meanwhile asking you for ,000 Sin Sod (Thai Dowry).Tuk Tuk Free Trip Scam There are many variations of the Tuk Tuk scam, the most well known is the free ride scam where a Tuk Tuk driver will say he'll take you anywhere for free, but you end up driving around to a bunch of Tailor shops so he can get a commission just for bringing you to the door.You won't see anything interesting but you'll be stuck in the back of a Tuk Tuk for a few hours.Fake tour bus scam This is my most hated scam of all in Thailand just because it's been going on for so long now no one has found out who did it.A bunch of tour operators in Kao san road must be being the scam that involves selling bus tickets to Chiang Mai for less then 400 baht.

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