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I’m not a robot.” He did, and decided to come on the show to turn those columns into a broader conversation.

that cut right across different ideological categories,” Ross said.) about Childish Gambino’s new music video for “This is America.” Doreen wrote a column analyzing the video in the New Yorker, and separated the song from the video itself.

Ross wrote an op-ed in the Times about the prospect of sex robots as the answer for people who can’t fulfill their sexual desires, to which Ana responded with a lengthy critique.

To take that debate off the computer screen, they conducted a wide-ranging conversation that encompassed Ross’ argument, Ana’s problems with it, and what it’s like writing in the age of Trump.) joined Ana to talk about Childish Gambino’s music video for “This is America.” Doreen analyzed the new video, and they tried to parse through who it was actually made for as well as what makes Glover so compelling.) wrote a piece titled “The Redistribution of Sex,” in part responding to the terrorist attack in Toronto and the expanding reach of incel (involuntary celibate) subculture.

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