Mormon dating for non americans

Also see Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.There are points one can take issue with, but the scope of their on-site work demands attention and serious consideration, especially for the candidate for the River Laman and the Valley Lemuel.The Book of Mormon begins in a well-known location, Jerusalem, in 600 B. The book of First Nephi, the first book in the volume, describes the actions of Lehi and his family in leaving Jerusalem before its destruction, following the counsel of the Lord, and wandering through the wilderness for several years before embarking on a transoceanic voyage to somewhere in or near Central America.Several hints are found in the text that provide information about the journey through the Arabian Peninsula--information which proves to provide powerful evidence for the authenticity of the Book of Mormon.However, don't blame the Church for any errors here: I write, ramble, and stumble on my own. Professionally, I have been in academia and corporate research and development, have many technical publications and patent, and have been active in IP and innovation strategy. Numerous Book of Mormon issues have been discussed there.Also see The Mormon Interpreter, the Neal Maxwell Institute, Fair, and SHIELDS. Parts of this page are translated into Spanish: see Evidencias del Libro de Mormon by Marco Royo. I assume that you are already familiar with what the Book of Mormon is.

These details could not have been fabricated based on what was known in 1830--even modern "general knowledge" of the Arabian peninsula would not allow a typical educated adult to provide the confirmed details in the Book of Mormon.

Contrary to the claims of our critics, there are many interesting findings that make it difficult to explain away the Book of Mormon as a nineteenth-century fraud from Joseph Smith.

Such evidence is not "proof" but should encourage readers and seekers of truth to give the Book of Mormon a chance.

This page is the work of Jeff Lindsay of Appleton, Wisconsin (now living in Shanghai, China since 2011).

I served an LDS mission in the Switzerland Zurich mission and have held a variety of Church callings. in chemical engineering from BYU, I'm registered U. patent agent, I love science, inventing, photography, writing and learning.

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