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It was first discovered by Donald Johanson and colleagues in the Afar region of Ethiopia with the recovery of the partial skeleton of a 3.2 million-year-old specimen they named "Lucy".

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Rather he once again got involved with an older woman Amrita Singh who was 12 years older to him.

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Coale, who sought to prepare his son to assume responsibility for the family and to instruct him on how to pursue his studies (1831). Proud described a trip to Niagra, New York City, and West Point (1833). Carey sent him a pamphlet on the Wilmot Proviso (1847) and slavery. Robert Long wrote about printing poems and philosophy; editing a cousin's book on artistic theory; a paper for the New York Historical Society; and her essay on Words-worth, Schiller and Hiram Powers (1849). Dorsey family papers (1785-1853) include those of Anne Brooke Dorsey, Robert Edward Dorsey, Sarah Duvall Dorsey, and Walter Dorsey. Grafton received letters (1829-1837) from his brother Gabriel (a Supreme Court judge) about the latter's son's illness and eventual death, politics, cotton growing in Mississippi, cholera in Baltimore (1834) and Grafton's family. Letters (1819-1820) to Thomas Hawkins (who served in the Maryland House of Delegates) are from people seeking various appointments (as magistrates, justices of the peace, to the orphan's court, and as surgeon to the 16th Regiment of the Maryland militia). Bend 1798-1813 Death notices - Samuel S., William, and Anna Maria Coale; and Lydia Dorsey 1799 Letters to Anne Brooke Dorsey 1785-1817 Copies and extracts of Brooke and Dorsey letters 1817-1853 Letters to and from Robert Edward Dorsey 1841, n.d. Walter Dorsey--statement about slave buying swindle 1797-1805 Letters to Elizabeth Hopkinson Duche and Elizabeth S. Alban's Lodge #65--1819 Medicine--1926-1929 Medicine--Prescriptions and remedies Middendorf, Williams and Co. C.--1822 Slaves--Manumissions--1798 Slave trade--19th cent. Slavery--1847 Switzerland--Travel and description--1926-1929 Songs--Hail Columbia--history of--1840 Surveyors--Md--1782--1796 Tea--Trade--early 19th cent.

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While there are some people who command respect because of their magnetic personality, others command respect because they are intimidating and can have their way with people.

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Lake sediments and peat cores are widely used to study environmental history, and one of the most important ingredients in such studies is an accurate chronology.